Finding Joy in January

January: heralding in a new year, affirming new resolutions, and celebrating my birthday!

I honestly don’t remember the last resolution I made. And it was likely not something I was going to do, but rather something I was going to try not to do. At some point, they’re both the same thing.

Pretty frost on the trees

I love January. And not just because of my birthday. The days are getting longer. The temperatures are getting colder. Winter is in full swing! Finally!

Here in Alberta, somewhat northern, we’ve been teased in the past months. Even though the calendar says it’s winter, the weather has been mild. We’ve gotten snow, but a significant amount has melted. People have been mostly happy, because they don’t have to bundle up just to get to the car.

January, in recent years, turns into actual winter. And it gets cold. Very cold. Freeze your lungs if you breathe too deep cold. And it gets windy. Which turns the cold into bone chilling misery.

And I still love it!

The cold is fresh and clean. The snow crunches under my feet. I exhale, and fog up my glasses.

But, I love it.

When everyone around me complains about the frigid temperatures, or icy roads, or dressing in layers, I smile, and rewrap my scarf, and sip my hot chocolate.

There is nothing better than snuggling under the blankets when it’s cold outside. It’s just not the same when temperatures hover around 25° above 0.

Hot chocolate loses its appeal when I have sweat dripping down my back.

And how many clothes are too many, when disrobing in an attempt to stay cool? In public, or at home, doesn’t matter. I always reach a point of indecency.

So, I’ll take January. Fuzzy socks, cozy sweaters, pretty scarves. Hot chocolate, soup, slow cooker chili. Baking every day, just to hang out around the hot oven.

I hope that the memories of keeping warm will be enough to keep me cool in July!

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