Introducing…Madly Making!

I have a condition. It’s terminal. And I am so happy!

Madly Making!

It goes like this…

Wander around the dollar store. See this really pretty woven heart. And immediately envision it as a centerpiece to a warm, welcoming wreath on the front door. But…with what?

Burlap, definitely. Because I’m totally in love with burlap right now. But not completely burlap, I think. There is such a thing as too much. Lace, maybe? Flowers, for sure. Ooooh, what’s this? And it’s on clearance? Done!

And now the picture is coming together in my head. And I can’t stop it. Every component brings it closer to completion. Only once the picture is complete in my head can I actually start.

So, I buy a little here, and there. Little by little, the vision emerges. But I’m still not happy.

Sound familiar? Really? Yay! I’m not the only crazy one! I can definitely get quite manic at times with it. And it’s not just crafting, is it? It’s trying a new recipe, or tweaking an old one. It’s seeing a cute dress, and thinking I can make one for less. I’m in a constant state of multiple projects on the go.

If I’m honest, I will tell you that I don’t finish every project. I have a hand sewn quilt that is only half done, and I’ve been working on it for over 10 years. I have 2 crochet afghans that seem to only get brought out when it’s cold outside. Don’t make me count the numerous sewing projects, sitting unfinished on the ironing board. Until that day that I snap, and finish as many as I can.

Those days are far fewer now that I have a small child. He’s fairly demanding of my time, and for that, I am grateful. He is 3, and when he wants cookies, and I tell him we don’t have any, he says “we need to make some!” I love that he gets it!

But I digress…

I do actually finish the majority of my projects. It’s just the really big ones that take time. Dedicated time. And so sometimes they sit for a while.

This one? I love it. I’m still not entirely sure that the flowers are right, but I’ll work with it a little more, and see what happens.

Work in progress

And you know what makes this condition even better? My husband has it too! He’s a little more techie with his makes, using his 3D printer and laser cutter. But, that just means, if I can’t find what I want in the store, he can just make for me!

Like this “Welcome” sign 🙂

Awesome sign! Thanks, honey!

And it continues…

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