SEWING pockets – Cora Cocoon

I started pattern testing for Rebecca Page Patterns in December of 2018. The more patterns I try, the more I absolutely love the patterns! I’m now a brand ambassador, which gives me a little more control over the projects I do. And the timeline to do them.

My Cora Cocoon by Rebecca Page Patterns

My favorite part of the RP patterns? You can literally hack them into anything you can imagine. There’s an incredible Facebook group for anyone who follows Rebecca Page Patterns. There’s another group for brand ambassadors only. And I am continually inspired by my fellow sewists ( because sewer is, well…gross).

My latest project is the Cora Cocoon.

So easy!

I chose this as my monthly sew, because it’s a very busy month. And I’m so happy I did! I got a beautiful result with minimal effort.

Let’s be clear. I am a brand ambassador. NOT an affiliate. That means that if you click the link above, and buy the pattern….I get nothing. Zilch. Nada. Just the satisfaction that you have now gotten a super simple pattern that will become a wardrobe essential.

I love snow!

I love it! But… it needs pockets. Because, doesn’t everything?

The pattern doesn’t really have a side seam, so the easiest style of pocket isn’t an option.

A patch pocket would work, but may not look that great.

Welt pockets, maybe?

I decided to do a surface pocket, but tie it into the seams.

I used this as my base pattern
I squared it up, and made it a little longer

Finding a pocket shape is easy. Consider the shape of the garment, and the type of fabric. I used a jogging fleece for this one (think sweatpants). So the shape worked.

Finish the edges

Then I serged my exposed edges. I wasn’t sure at this point if I would turn under the edges and topstitch, or just topstitch. But, a serged edge gives a nicer finish either way. And mimics the look of a coverstitch, as seen on lots of athletic wear.

So comfy casual
Pocket close up

Wasn’t that easy? Now to decide what colour is next….

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