ALL About Me

I’m a mom. I work full time. My house is usually chaos, and there’s always a project or six on the go. My husband says I seem to only ever clean the kitchen when I want to make another mess. And I don’t care. I love the crazy that is my life.

In my heart, I want to be home with my child every single day. In reality, I love my job, I’m okay with the time away, and the bills get paid. But working from home is my favorite. Because I get to combine doing what I love to do, with the one I love to pieces. And, we get to make stuff!

I quite literally grew up in the middle of nowhere. The way of life was simpler. We had to grow food, and make stuff, because town was too far away for a quick trip to the store. We learned to improvise, and modify. And create. Whether baking bread, cooking a hearty supper, or sewing a last minute costume for school; my mother and grandmother were amazing. I was lucky enough to learn from their example.

I learned that there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you can look at your finished product, and see the happiness that it creates. A great meal, a yummy treat, a pretty scarf, or a warm sweater. I learned that there are very few things I can’t make, and almost nothing I don’t want to try!

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